10 Rich and Succulent Turkish Desserts

A Dessert is a beautiful way to welcome guests anywhere and everywhere, and if you have ever tried a Turkish Dessert you will know what we are about to talk about. 

In Turkey, a dessert is not just another sweet, it is a cultural ritual, a course that is meant to be sharing. Turkish Desserts carry a prime role from special occasions to funeral ceremonies, their desserts inspire a meaning, and they have a story or a local urban legend to tell. 

The 10 rich and succulent Turkish desserts, we are about to enclose to you are absolutely tasty, palatably-light and overwhelming to tempt you for a second helping. 

  1. Turkish Angel Hair Dessert

It literally looks like Angel’s hair on a plate. Quite a straightforward dessert, super easy to make and you may appreciate it on its own or use it as a finger-licking garnish to any other Turkish Dessert such as “Turkish angel hair cake”.

This amazing 5-ingredient dessert contains grab on-the-go supermarket items such as Lemon juice, Sugar, Butter, Walnuts, and Tel Kadayif (Angel Hair from a Turkish shop). 

Turkish Angel Hair Dessert

Walnuts, being an important component of this recipe, have higher antioxidant activity than any other nut, it is not only a super plant source of Omega-3, also supports loads of other factors such as; Decreases inflammation, Promotes a healthy gut, Reduces risk of some cancers, Supports healthy aging, Good brain function and Supports male productive health. 

So, Angel Hair Dessert doesn’t only serve a craving, it also has a high nutrition value. 

Let’s give it a try!

2. Turkish Sesame Sweet

3 Ingredients are ALL you need to make this beautifully rich Turkish dessert. Sesame seeds, Sugar & Honey.

Sesame seeds bring out a nutty taste and a delicate, almost invisible crunch to the dessert. We may call sesame seeds “the oldest condiment known to man”, says whfoods, Remember that famous phrase, quoting “Open Sesame” used in the Arabian Nights..?

This traditional dessert always sold wrapped in cellophane, comes with an ancient story;

Jake Sages, who was the sixth generation of his family to be born in Turkey after his ancestors were driven out of Spain during the Spanish Inquisition, absolutely loved cooking. He used to learn recipes from his mother and sister who were both great cooks. Jack lived a precious life until he passed away in 2010. 

As his name lives in the memories he left behind, his most inspiring traditional recipes and stories, today you are making one at home with us!

3. Katmer; Turkish crunchy pancakes with pistachio and clotted cream

A specialty of Gaziantep, Turkey’s gastronomic capital, and Southeastern Anatolia, an ancient city that carries the fame of the world’s finest Pistachios and the delicious Antep Baklavası.

Just like other Turkish Desserts, Katmer is a storyteller itself. 

Rich-indulgent Katmer is what most Turkish locals start their day with. Traditionally, it is the first meal eaten by newlyweds after their first wedding night as it represents the sweetness they hope to find in their marriage. 

Katmer; Turkish crunchy pancakes with pistachios and clotted cream

Filled with Pistachios and Kaymak – Turkish clotted cream made with water buffalo milk. These flaky, crunchy pastries should be served warm straight from the oven. 

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4. Bread Kadayif Recipe

Mouth-watering Bread Kadayif is what you’ll be craving for and keep looking at it, you would probably start eating it with your eyes. 

 Good news: this is one of the easiest among the Turkish desserts. 

This flavorful dish is a mix between Baklava (scroll down for recipe) & Bread Pudding, historically a part of Ottoman Cuisine (Cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire). In Turkey, it’s considered a regional specialty of Afyonkarahisar. 

Turkish Dessert Bread Kadayif Recipe

Simply, made from rusk-like bread layers saturated in syrup and topped or rolled with “Kaymak” (Turkish clotted cream).

Experiment this recipe with different types of bread, supposedly a larger loaf of bread with a porous but firm texture that can hold enough syrup in. The sponge-like texture is important to ambush the flavor. 

5. Turkish Stuffed Apricots with Rose Water and Pistachios

Cream stuffed candied Apricots garnished with Pistachios. 

Probably that pack of Apricot you saw in the supermarket is from Turkey. Generally, apricots in Turkey are dried whole, then pitted, resulting in a plumper, thicker fruit than apricots that are pitted before drying. 

Apricots are a great source of Vitamin A, C, E & Iron, and they are high in fiber. And those pistachios come with vitamin B6 and thiamine, fiber, proteins, and much more. 

6. Nightingale’s Nest Dessert

It’s also called “Bülbül Yuvası”. Quite similar to Baklava but with a different style. The name comes from their shape and the notion that some people’s idea of heaven is listening to nightingales. 

You can be creative with filling the Nest, perhaps some Hazelnuts or Walnuts can add a real healthy touch.

Nightingale's Nest Dessert

This dessert is recommended to be served with a cup of coffee or a glass of Turkish tea.

 7. Lokum (Turkish Delights)

A Turkish delicacy that is based on a mixture of starch and sugar colored with food coloring.  Premium variety of this sweet consists of chopped dates, pistachios, and hazelnut or walnut bound by the gel, mostly flavored with rosewater, orange blossom, or lemon. Finished dusting the small cubes with some confectioner sugar (or cream of Tartar) to prevent them from sticking. 

rahat loukoum

This treat was invented 5 generations ago, in 1777 by a Turkish candy confectioner named Haci Bekir. This Turkish delight remains a favorite to-date, that is definitely something!

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8. Turkish Künefe

This magical Turkish dessert will touch the best spots in your pallet and make you feel divine instantly. Briefly, a Crispy Cheese-filled Heaven of a dessert, don’t just trust me, TRY IT..!

Kunefe is usually served hot out of the oven so the Mozzarella cheese stays soft and stringy. Traditional Kunefe showcases Turkish culture very well and is served in a very shallow, round metal pan, designed entirely for this dessert. The pistachio garnish on top adds extra flavor, texture, and enhances the nutritious value. 

Turkish Künefe

Frankly, Kunefe may not be the easiest dessert recipe around, but on your very first bite, you will know, the absolute worth of effort. 

9. Turkish Pistachio Baklava

A buttery, flaky puff pastry soaked in honey and sugar as tender pistachio stuffed between the layers of dough. Easy enough..! 

The bold combination of savory pistachios, crispiness of phyllo dough, and the sweet honey sugar will hold you mouthful and speechless. 

The key element of Turkish Baklava is the puff pastry! You can master a puff pastry at home by yourself or just grab that ready-made puff pastry from the supermarket shelf, we do find good quality puff pastries in stores nowadays. 

Pistachio Baklava - Easy Turkish baklava recipe with puff pastry, pistachios, and honey. Delicious regional dessert that's perfect for Easter or any holiday.

You may also find a Greek version of Baklava, both countries hold strong traditions over this sweet dish. Difference between Greek Version & Turkish version is pretty simple:

*Greek-version: uses Honey, Walnuts, and Cinnamon.

*Turkish-version: uses Sugar syrup/Honey, Pistachios & Lemon Juice.

10. 3 Ingredient Turkish Pumpkin Dessert

It’s Vegan, Gluten-Free, Easy to make, and above all, it is Light in Calories. You heard that right, it’s the 3-ingredient one-pot Turkish Pumpkin Dessert you have been searching for! 

Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin A, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin and a high antioxidant. All of that in a dessert, can’t get any better.

Simple to cook;

Slice the pumpkin, wash and clean the seeds off, chop them big. Arrange them in a large pot adding sugar between each line. Cover it, wait for one night or at least 6 hours. Then boil it until soft, remove the lid and boil a few more times, let it cool, and refrigerate for a while, Voila..! Serve it cool. 

Pumpkin Dessert

Turkish food is more than just koftas, kebabs, and doner. Now when you enjoy these delectable Turkish Desserts, you may feel their ethnic regional specialties and modern cosmopolitanism through every bite you take. 

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